Integrated Nonverbal Communication

Are you ready when the bell rings?

Integrate your nonverbal communication.

We all know that in sales you must know your customer. However, knowing yourself, who you are, and what you believe is the key to effectively building trust. Don takes his years of studying the body language of an opponent in the ring, combines it with neurolinguistic programming and hypnotic language patterns, and offers a unique look at building rapport and systematic communication to give you a massive advantage in negotiations before the bell ends the first round.

    • Know yourself—go inside and align your truth with your actions.
    • Project clarity and confidence: The one-two punch of effective communication
    • Build trust effectively in the first five minutes
    • Learn to speak their language without having to say anything
    • Remove relationships from agendas: Mind, body, and voice
    • Competently show that you care
    • Make people feel heard and respected
  • Know when to request action
  • Learn to ask for a commitment and make them feel good about it

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