Don Akers – Speaker Introduction

Our speaker today is an expert at performing under pressure. He is an award winning professional speaker, performance coach, and business trainer who has spoken for Americas leading companies.

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Don Akers is a former Golden Gloves boxing champion who was chosen to fight in the 1984 USA Olympic trials.
He combined the lessons in the boxing ring with 15 years of Fortune 100 business experience, negotiating million dollar deals with billion dollar companies.

His program today, it’s Go Time, is about what it takes to win hard, against tough competition and bounce back when life throws it’s punches.

Don proves that winning big takes passion and perseverance, but even more, it requires effective strategy, tactics, and execution under pressure.

After 70 fights, he thinks he was tested for memory loss, but he can’t say for sure!

Please welcome, Mr. Don Akers!


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