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In our writings, we are committed to delivering unique, insightful, and pragmatic strategies for dealing with life, people, ourselves, and business.

We’ve chosen to take the best strategies we can find and improve on them by focusing on two things: how we think and how we act.

We spent the first part of our lives like most of the people we met, so busy living that we didn’t have the time or energy to think about how we were living. Today, we choose to do it differently, by practicing daily introspection about how we’re living…considering how our thoughts and actions are creating our current and future experience.

If you feel that the information here is useful and insightful, please feel free to pass it along with a link to the blog.

We always welcome your input, suggestions, questions, and ideas for future articles. If our ideas and strategies seem too far out or unrealistic–and you feel a need to send an email to criticize or straighten us out–please don’t bother. We won’t respond to it.

Choose well, live well, be well, Don


My Perfect Body Weight

As boxers, we learn to manage our weight as part of the sport. People seem to think boxers must have incredible willpower to train so hard while eating so little. It’s more than willpower. It’s strategy. We depend on strategy to stay lean and strong. Forget dieting. Rely on strategy and see how easy it can be.

MYTH : The key to ideal body weight is willpower.

TRUTH : Willpower will fail. Good nutrition will ultimately succeed.


Going For It, Smart!

Going for it on fourth down in the red zone. Calling an onside kick at the start of the second half. Blitzing to put pressure on the quarterback when they keep driving down the field.

Sean Payton, coach of the New Orleans Saints made some gutsy calls in Super Bowl XLIV and since the Saints won, he made the “right” calls.

Were they smart calls? What if New Orleans had lost?


How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

I love the way there are thousands of people at the gym on January 2nd and by the 9th you have your pick of the machines.

New Year is when we resolve to be healthier, richer, better people. But just like those eager beavers at the gym, most of us don’t realize that how we approach our resolutions is the key to keeping them.

Bad habits are hard to quit, and until now resolutions–good habits–have been hard to keep. Why does it seem so hard to create good habits? After all, we made a resolution and meant every word, right?