Testimonials for Don Akers

“Excellent speaker, very inspiring and motivational!”
Jerry D. Hope, District Manager – IBM

“I have seen all the top speakers; Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and Tony Robbins. Don Akers is one of the best!”
Keith Lindstrom, Sales Manager  – CBS Affiliate KWGN TV


“A sense of excitement and feeling of purpose were evident immediately after the seminar… After three months the morale of the company is at an all-time high. So are sales.”
Jack Marshall, CEO

“Don Akers is one of the best. After Don Aker’s program I got more done in the next three days than in the whole month before.”

“We have a tough audience, and Don captivated them the whole time. Even better, people walked out saying, ‘That’s information I can use today.'”

“I’ve heard hundreds of speeches; they come and go. But Don Akers sticks with you. I’ve been running again for the last three weeks. Right after the program I started a marketing campaign I had toyed around with for months. After Don’s program I decided “I’m gonna go for it”! We all get down, and Don helps you get back up.”

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